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ZapNorris first found darkSpyro while looking for info on an FSS promo. As his name suggests, he likes the Skylander Zap. He has also grown to like the Water skylanders Punk Shock, since she's similar to Zap. Since the start of his activation, he never expected to see all the drama happening around the forum. ZapNorris is currently enjoying the forum, but can sometimes be inappropriate.

At the moment, he is excited over the upcoming game of Disney Infinity 2.0 which is the better game according to him, to the point of spamming gifs of Disney Infinity being better than Skylanders: Trap Team.

He is an owner of a SDCC rocket raccoon disney infinity 2.0 figure. He also believes that Trap Team is a weak game. and he likes pringles. He got Gnorcd when he got into skylandersspyros account.