X-Treme was a member on the darkSpyro forums. When he first joined on November 2nd, 2012, he was under the name "Thumpterra12". Kappapopm first welcomed him to the site, and gave him various tips on his avatars. While making them, He met his best friend, DummyZ. At first, Thumpterra12 hung out mostly in the skylanders section and made many friends. In December of 2012, He first visited the Stuff and Nonsense forum. At first, he did not like the crazy style of posting, but eventually warmed up to it. In Early January, thumpterra requested a ban, and came back a few hours later under the name "X-Treme". As the months went on, he trolled more and more. In early April, X-Treme left the site for about 3 months due to IRL issues, but returned in July. Shortly after returning, he took up bypassing the censor. For fun, and it landed him a 3 week ban. A week after that finished, he bypassed the censor and trolled some more, So he was banned for 4 weeks. Upon return, he and Crystalhero37 spammed a smosh gif all over the forum games, and X-Treme spammed it on the skylanders forums. Minutes after that he was gnorced yet again. Crystalhero37, who noticed the gnorc, immediately deleted all her posts. Shortly after the suspension, X-Treme was banned.

X-Treme later made a new account under the name of CamelApple to hide his IP using a proxy. He was soon discovered and banned when he posted about sneaking his way back into the forums on his profile page of another website. He later made another account under the name of DrillatehGrilla, but the mods caught onto him and banned his account. That same week, he created a fourth account named Horus and made an apparent "goodbye thread" before being suspended and banned again. 

The topic only proved to be an attention-seeking method, as X-Treme made yet another account afterwards under the name of RattleShakeFan, making his idenitity very obvious before being gnorced by a moderator. After creating more accounts and getting gnorced (and later banned) numerous times, X-Treme mentioned about using his 19th email account, revealing the number of his attempts. John 3-16 was his latest account made before being banned again.

Over 10 accounts have been sacrificed for 5-25 posts on each account, but CamelApple had over 125 posts. Coming in close second was John 3-16, with 114. Much like Brightscales, X-Treme makes more and more accounts to get back into darkSpyro, only to found out and banned each time.