Yellow Sparx
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Join Date October 29th, 2011
Gender Female
Birthday June 14th

Wingsofpurple found darkSpyro along with her friend, Dragon Of Fury while trying to learn more about Spyro, which was their latest craze. They stumbled on the site a few times and decided to create their own accounts. Both swore to never tell any of their parents that they had joined the forum.

Wingsofpurple quickly developed an opinion on the Skylander fanbase, calling them “flavorless”. She left the site soon, using the excuse that her account was hacked and that she thought she was "being attacked" by other users.

She later returned to darkSpyro and soon drifted off again, stating that she found darkSpyro boring at its current state. A few months later she returned again, and has stayed on the forum since.

Wingsofpurple enjoys darkSpyro, saying that it is "the one thing she has wasted her life on", though she has expressed her dislike for all the fighting that goes on in the forums.

As opposed to her own initial assumption that she would never "get a boyfriend" on a site like darkSpyro, she is currently in a relationship with the user AJAwesome .