Windumup also known as "Windumpforu" is a male user who joined back when Skylander Giants was out.

Factoids of the WindEdit

The user in question has been most seen to use the following types of avatars

Futurecard Buddyfight related (Noboru Kodo and Actor Knight Emperor)

6teen (NEWEST theme added)

Megan Nicole ( A Singer)



Anime Avatars [Current]

Random Disney/Movie Stars (Debby Ryan for example)

and even Kid Icarus avatars (Which even took part in a the Darkness Take over)   [Current]

And MLP avatars (Vinyl Scratch, Rainbow Dash, and Nurse Redheart)

The user doesn't like Dragon Ball or the song "Wrecking Ball" sung by Miley Cyrus but use to use quotes and jokes about those.


"It's over 9000!!!!!"

"Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Series 3 confirmed"

His birthday is July 15th 1997

Windumup is an expert at Smash Bros and Pokemon and can be seen in discussions about them.  Although he  is also a fan of Skylanders as well he despises Disney Infinity.

Windumup has stated he came to the site because he felt like he and NINJAsk11 could be great friends.

He has also stated he is in fact a Brony in case the MLP avatars weren't enough, although he doesn't post often in the MLP all purpose chat.

He also has only been gnorc'd once in his entire time on for making a reference towards the show Adventure Time

Biggest Enemies


Big Green

Little Green




Notable honorable mentions of "heroic" deeds he has doneEdit

Windumup ignited an entire trend which you can read about here

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