wspyro "TrojanPon3" - Creating questions for users to answer for their summary and contacting users whom want a page, as well as providing images. Summarizing the information given to him from users. Also one of the two whom developed the idea further into something more "accurate".
Samius "Samius191" - 'Finalizing' user descriptions (tweaking wording and so forth), fixing a few mistakes on pages and other contributions. Sending descriptions to Wild so they  can upload pages. Also one of the two whom developed the idea further into something more "accurate".
WUMBOSIMPSON "WUMBOWHALE"- Bringing up the idea again, and thus putting this whole project in motion.
Pixilism "Swag Dekomori" - Adding info boxes to a majority of pages, as well as other information.
crystalhero37 "Crystalglimmer" - Putting together information (from quotations to a more suitable format for the wiki) for the Historybook.
arceustheprime "LucasMother3" - Editing and fixing mistakes in the Disclaimer.
Crystal Dragon "KrystallDrachen" - Fixing grammar, and spelling, mistakes on almost all user articles and providing infobox information.
DummyZ "DummyZ" - Creator of our fantastic wordmark/logo!
Wild "Abyssal Denizen" - Creator of the wiki/infoboxes and various other things.
Prextail202 "prextail202" - Editing a few pages/adding photos.
StriderSwag "Hellahella" - Editing and adding images.

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