User ID 25183
Join Date October 9, 2014
Gender Male
Birthday November 15

wavesorcerer14 Edit

wavesorcerer14 is an active darkSpyro user. He currently has Green Sparx. He mainly posts around the Trap Team page, the Forum Games page, and the Stuff & Nonsense page, although he sometimes posts on other pages. His friends consist of funnybone, Iganagor, and WilltheWizard. He frequently visits darkSpyro, in fact nearly every day. He owns a Wii, a Wii U, and a New Nintendo 3Ds XL. The only Spyro associated games wavesorcerer14 has played are Skylanders SWAP Force & Skylanders Trap Team. He is obsessed with video games, his laptop/iPod, reading, and fantasy. He also may like science as he has mentioned that he had won his science fair. His favorite Skylander of all time is Enchanted Hoot Loop and his favorite element is magic.

Personal Life Edit

wavesorcerer14 is a male between the ages of 10 & 15. His favorite color is blue. He is very quiet and shy in real life, which is one of the reasons why he loves darkSpyro, as it gives him a chance to say what is on his mind. Very little is known about his personal life.

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