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Anybody want a toblerone? ;D ~ TorchSheep

TorchSheep is one of the many active users on He is currently a Gold Sparx.


He is mostly known for his claimed obsession of toblerones (which he has said that he 'doesn't even like that much') and the female character 'Toph Bei Fong' from his favorite T.V. show, 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'. He has a big love for videogames; sagas like Paper Mario, Ratchet & Clank, Pokémon and Sonic the Hedgehog.


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TorchSheep first joined the site in 2011 whilst looking for walkthorughs on 'Spyro: A Hero's Tail'. He first stayed only on the game pages, oblivious to the forums. Once he finally did start using the forums he befriended a user named SpyroVsGanon100, they were best friends for a while and spend alot of time on their extremely random Spyro fan-fiction in the 'Role-Playing' section of the forum. SpyroVsGanon100 was eventually banned leaving TorchSheep friendless for a long time on the site. He then mainly stayed around the 'General', 'Idle Chatter' 'Skylanders' and 'Spyro Games' sections. He sparked up a bit of controversy in 2012 when he made a hate topic about bronies in the 'Idle Chatter' section, having a large argument with 'CAV' and 'LevanJess', he has since apologized for the incident calling it 'a stupid mistake'. In early 2013 he finally decided to check out the 'Stuff & Nonsense' section of the forum, after two years of having no interest in it at all. He soon became more well known around the site. He soon befriended many users, including the humorous user Brightscales who was eventually gnorc'd and made a fake account 'Wreckingball101' that made some comments that greatly upset TorchSheep and made him 'rage quit' the site for a short time. When he returned, Wreckingball101 had been ripto'd. Brightscales apologized to TorchSheep soon after, only to be banned from the site few weeks later. TorchSheep mainly roamed around the Stuff and Nonsense and Forum Games sections for a long time afterwards, until around mid July 2014 where he stated that the S&N community was 'a bit overwhelming'. He returned to S&N with a healthier mindset in 2015. He is currently in a long-distance with crystalhero37, and has been since December of 2013, they always express their love for each other on the site and met in real life when Torch travelled to Australia in February of 2015. Also in early 2015, Torch rounded up a few users to start a LP YouTube channel known as darkSpyro Comms, which started with 6 users but now only 3 remain, being himself, crystalhero37 and Iblistech.


  • His least favourite game ever is "Spyro: Shadow Legacy".
  • He completed 100% the game "Spyro 2" three times.
  • His real name is Chris.
  • He has been on Survivor: DarkSpyro. But due to his absence on Day 1, he unfortunately got eliminated.
  • His favourite game of all time is "Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door".