This was previously named the Spam Central. It was under a header 'Social' along with a board called 'General' (nowadays under the 'Spyro' header and a board called Off-topic (which is the Idle Chatter equivalent). Spam was against the rules, there was a "type in whatever you want attiude"/spam-making activity in the board which was permitted (since Dark called it the spam board anyway). Posts of gibberish could be made with no rule-breaking. In the Spam central there were forum games. There was still a lot more focus on Spyro here, and the users were bonded over their interest in the series.

There used to be a sticky topic by Cynder_543 about how to behave on the forum titled "Being sensible on this Forum: Please read!". This has been removed from now, for some reason. The topic contains some advice regarding behaviour on the Stuff & Nonsense that is complained about to this day. The topic was closed, so no one could comment on it. There were also zero posts on it to start with.

Nowadays topics with a sticky are "Personal Thoughts", "What do you think of the person above you?", "Random thoughts" and "What are you currently listening to?". There are often dragon adopter threads, post a picture of yourself threads and post your drawings threads, although these never have sticky. Although it's gone out of fashion now, there used to be a lot of avatar request topics. Avatar request topics are often posted to the Fan Art section today.

Clicking on the last page of the Stuff and Nonsense only shows up to 2013 as Dark deletes many of the [CLOSED]/archived pages to save bandwidth.

Nowadays Stuff & Nonsense is grouped with Idle Chatter and the Video Gaming boards. It is under the header 'Off-topic'. Dark claims to be more lenient in the Rules in this section. Content of the Forum is often general/typical chatting, much less than "Nonsense". It is basically what one would expect the Idle Chatter to be. Some have even considered for Dark to save bandwidth, he would be better deleting the Idle Chatter since people

It has two sub-forums - Forum Games and Role play. Before there was only one sub-forum named Games and RP. Video gaming used to be a sub-forum of Idle Chatter.

A nickname for a regular in this board is S&Ner.

Some people who frequent the board Skype each other. Many in the board are great friends and it is a close-knit community. Some consider it their second family. Users here are often older and are not as focused on Skylanders.

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