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Join Date 11/27/2012
Gender Male
Birthday March 22nd

"I look like a gay asian mattyBraps"  ~somePerson


When somePerson joined, he apparently had "no personality" and only went on the Skylanders Section. In the day today, his interest in Skylanders has lowered down to almost losing it completely. Now he spends most of his time in Stuff and Nonsense.

Around April 2013, he started "music battles" with DummyZ. somePerson won the battle from when DummyZ returned of his Gnorc and around late May 2013, he became his "sidekick", for they both had some stuff in common.

somePerson also competed in DarkSpyro: Survivor. In Season 2, he became the runner up for the "Swamping Heartless". As of Season 3, he participated on "Team Specter". On March 30 somePerson had made an early April Fools day joke about him dying while jaywalking, using his sisters account to supposedly teach a lesson about suicide awareness. The prank got him suspended soon after by dark52 himself, after which dark52 started "Fake deaths are a big no no". He returned with no reaction and has been posting since. He got suspended yet again when user Cynderfan507 called him out for being part of the "ducktales," trend.


somePerson had revealed to be a 14 year old Vietnamese Asian. He, like many other users, joined for his liking in Skylanders, though he probably lost this liking. He has many other likings, sagas like Pokémon or Super Sentai; Youtubers (particularly Dexter Manning (as for his over usage of words such as "goon")); Professional Wrestling; And Nintendo videogames.

He seems to enjoy DS, says it's just "fun", despite some downfalls every now and then. In the day today, he posts a lot more than he expected to when he first joined and does not expect to leave at any moment.


somePerson is a sarcastic idiot who posts anything that pops up in his mind. He thinks everybody is a goon and his idiotic nature will sometimes led to clashes with other users. he is a big bully and will bully u for being gay in an attempt to shield others from finding out he is a homi


  • His real name is Steven Loung.
  • All his avatars (with general exceptions) have watermarked "sP" on the bottom left corner.
  • His shortened name is "sP".
  • He likes saying "goon"
  • His avatar is a recolor of Marco from Star Vs The Forces Of Evil
  • He was the first user ever to reach 0 coins for the 2015 April Fools Day prank
  • He enjoys reading comics
  • His title for the 2015 April Fools day prank was "King Of Goons".
  • Most of his current avatars are edits of Marco