Name Daniel
Birthday April 2, 2001 (11)
Gender Male
Location Detroit, Michigan, USA
Join Date July 23, 2012
User Rank Green Sparx
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skyoutube is a Green Sparx user on darkSpyro. He is usually in the Skylanders sections, but goes to the S&N and Fandom sections sometimes. He is anti-Activision. He also has a YouTube channel and support website.


Daniel was born and raised in Detroit. He has chronic kidney disease. He was introduced to Skylanders in October 2011, but didn't actually get it until Feburary/March/April (he doesn't remember which one) 2012. He enjoyed it. He liked the commercials because he liked that they used voiceovers to make the toys talk. This idea became Daniel's YouTube channel, where he still
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does the voices for all of the Skylanders, Eon, and Kaos. His brother, Matthew (9), helps him. He found this website while looking for information about upgrades. This is when he first learned about Skylanders: Giants. He stalked the forums until July, when he finally became skyoutube. 

Anti-Activision beliefsEdit

skyoutube has a disliking towards all of the merchandise Activision has released for Skylanders, as it adds to the total amount of money being spent on the figures. He is well known for his infamous quote:

"Activision will do anything......"

The original quote added to the ending: "for money", but now, he just has it trail off. He also hates eBay and scalpers.

Past AvatarsEdit