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This user happened upon darkSpyro (on his alternate account, skylandsmaster) on October 11th, 2012, while looking for a playthrough on Skylander's: Spyro's Adventure. He tended to talk quite a lot in the section in which he came for. He only went to the other forum's once in a blue moon. After a debate with a real life friend, he lost interest in Skylanders. He made a new account, SilverWolf1129. He then became a very avid user of the Video Game forum and Stuff and Nonsense. He made many friends, (crystalhero37, TorchSheep, spyro&sonic, and ShadowMewX to name a few) although lately he hasn't talked to them. He'll befriend anyone who tries to befriend him, as long as they're not absolutely obsessed with Skylanders.

Personality and Interests.Edit

He is 15, and his birthday is November 29th. He loves Pokemon, fishing, Kid Icarus, hunting, and reading. He is Australian, British, Irish, and German. He currently lives in Nebraska, USA. His full name is Eli Matthew Mitch Masek, but his family calls him Mitch, and so do most of his friends. He is a very friendly person, but can be very hot-tempered. I would suggest not getting on his bad side. He is a joker, very sarcastic. Overall he's just a nice person.