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Seiki originally came across darkSpyro after searching for information regarding the 5th Wave of Skylanders Giants figures. He spent about a week browsing the forum as a guest and joined not long after.

For about the first half of his time as a Red Sparx, Seiki stuck mainly to the Skylander sections of the forum, eventually branching out to Video-Games and Stuff & Nonsense. He now spends a great deal of time in Stuff & Nonsense, Video-Games, and the occasional Role-Play; now only visiting the Skylander sections on occasion for news..

When a new darkSpyro family tree was mentioned, Seiki claimed a marriage with DragonCamo. The marriage has since been recognized by not just both parties but many users as a canon shipping with Seiki often making perverted remarks towards DragonCamo in regards to the relationship.

Seiki has a rather obvious obsession with Kingdom Hearts consistently using an avatar of Sora's Halloweentown appearance as well as mainly using gives of Larxene, his favorite character of the franchise. He is also open about loving yaoi and will often spam topics with yaoi pictures, typically involving Kingdom Hearts characters.

Some of Seiki's other interests include Vocaloid (Preferring the songs from the specific character of Len Kagamine), Pokemon, Disney, some animes including Sword Art Online, and figures from the Good Smile Company. Despite his liking of Disney, Seiki has noted a great disliking for the game Disney Infinity due to how it was handled. He believes the game to be nothing ore than a cash-cow attempting to cash in on upcoming movies, leaving many classic Disney movies out to dry.

Seiki participated in season 1 of Survivor: darkSpyro (often referred to as "Total Drama DarkSpyro" by Seiki) being amember of Team Electrifying Cynders. In the end, he placed 7th and was part of DragonCamo's team in the finale. Seiki then went on to host season 2 with King_Pika as his assisstant as well as season 5 accompanied by parisruelz12. Since then he has gone solo, hosting season 7 on his own. With Survivor having come to an end by HIR, Seiki has plans to continue the game with 2 more seasons, though a release date for these seasons is currently unknown.

In his time on the forum, Seiki has been Gnorc'd once. The suspension was for 12 hours for going into gnarlytreesnex's account and making 3 posts after gnarly posted his password onto the forum. Seiki was among 6 users to do so.