A account that was created on September 24th 2012.

SPARXisAWESOME was a shared account by multiple people at different times during the account's forum activity, but mainly it was owned by one user (SiA).

  1. The Account Creator

(Birthday: Jan 18) (Used the account in 2012) (Skylanders Board)

The account creator joined the site under the name 'SPARXisAWESOME' to ask about the Skylanders series when she was unable to find news on any other Spyro games after TLoS. She continued to post in the Skylanders board afterwards along with one of her friends, another Spyro fan that she shared the account with.

Before 2013 she lost interest in darkspyro and left the account for her friend to keep, who was still using it to frequent Skylander and Spyro threads.

2. SiA

(Birthday: it's a mystery) (Used the account from 2012 - 2016) (Pretty much posted in all of the Forum boards)

SiA is the account creator's friend who continued to use SPARXisAWESOME after the Skylanders game hype had died down. She stayed on the site to talk to online friends and post in the Off-Topic sections. Before the account was given to her, there were no attempts made on either user's part to let people know that their account was shared, so she kept it that way during her activity until both users eventually got around to changing that.

SiA has made many online friends over the years and has enjoyed her stay on darkspyro, but lately she has also lost interest in the site. She still visits sometimes though.

3. Other

(Off-Topic Section)

Applies to any irl person SiA knew personally and allowed to post their opinions or experiences on one-off discussion threads without wanting to stay long enough to make their own account. This was a rare occurrence though and nobody really remembers whatever those posts were. These people are just called 'Sparx'. Maybe. Not sure actually.