Rattlebuckler is a Skylander fan who is one of the young users on darkSpyro. He is notable for being rude, purposely starting fights and acting like the victim. He is also notable for his dislike towards Aura24, a veteran user who he believes is "rude" and "caused too much trouble" for his fellow Skylander fans. When she left the forums, Rattlebuckler posted a topic on how he is glad that she was gone, and hoped she doesn't return. However some users lashed at Rattlebuckler for supposedly causing Aura to leave the forums.

Rattlebuckler later sent Aura24 a war threat PM telling her that if she started any mess with the Skylander fans and him, she will have a war on her hands, indicating that he would likely rally other young Skylander fans against Aura.

When Aura24 returned to the forums months later, Rattlebuckler expressed his disapproval on a topic he made, wondering why she returned when she and her friends "made darkspyro a living hell" for him. He was quickly suspended for this harassment. When he returned, Rattlebuckler stayed true to his word on rallying other users against Aura and was seen publicly asking 84skylanderdude on his guestbook if he was interested in helping Rattlebuckler get rid of Aura. Afterwards, Rattle attempted to apologize to Aura by trying to get at her good side by praising her, which includes nominating Aura for moderator, but that failed when Aura didn't believe Rattlebucker had changed. After a few months off the forums, he returned, but still holds public animosity towards Aura24 as seen in a guestbook post on 84skylanderdude's page.