Rand O M
User ID 10668
Join Date March 16th, 2012
Gender Male
Birthday February 6th, 1997


Rand O M joined on March 16, 2012. He mostly visited the Skylanders Section. He traversed into Stuff and Nonsense during a time where there was a rant going on about dark52 and Moderated Messages with the occasional "We need mods nao" post. Confused, he entered the discussion. Soon he started moving into S&N. In November he created his alt account duck which he used to joke around. In Janurary, he was a target for the hack that supposedly occurred on the sixth. Upset he was forced to leave DS because he did not know how to handle the situation. He lurked on the Serebii forums talking to Spyro and Sonic. He convinced him to try to get back on DS while saying that the hack was most likely fake. On Feburary 6, he returned by posting as duck.

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