What a dumbatlas!" - Paddyfitz


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August 22nd 2012


Yellow Sparx

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Birthday June 29th 2001
Console WII and WII U
Games  Skylanders Spyro's Adventure 

Skylanders Giants

Skylanders Swap Force

Paddyfitz used to only go to the Skylanders Section, then he went to the Stuff and Nonsense. He rarely comes to the Skylanders Section now.  His best friend Wreckingballbob seems to despise this.

Him and Wreckingballbob were not friends at first when wreckingballbob made a video on the final giants names on youtube in August, paddyfitz got angry and said comments like UNSUBSCRIBE! then wreckingballbob said sorry. Then in September a user on youtube told paddyfitz to stop being so harsh which paddyfitz replied. "That was from a month ago. Me and wreckingballforever are friends now"

He takes after his friend Wreckingballbob in which he writes Skylanders fan fictions in his guestbook. He also has a topic fan fiction in the fan fiction section called "Skylanders: Down on Earth"

He also had a Role Play called The Cheese Trilogy 2 which ended on 1st of may with 26 pages and 12666 posts.

He was gnorced on the 18th of July because he asked for it and used his friends old account wikd Thumpback to teach that all new users to join stuff and nonsense are not brightscales. Wikd Thumpback was gnorced. 

He is known to make South Park references whenever he can.

He has a tendency to be very rude to many users.

He became very inactive in 2014 and hadn't posted since late April 2014. He still came on the site to visit sometimes. He made his posting return on July 6th 2014 as he couldn't stay away.