NINJAsk11 is a currently active user on DarkSpyro. She joined on May 20, 2013, wanting to utilize the walkthroughs for Skylanders, as she was stuck on a level. She wasn't planning on staying after obtaining the information she needed, but she ended up making some friends and decided to stay.


NINJAsk11 claims that she was a Skyro in complete love with Stealth Elf. She notes that after meeting Dark Lord, she became much more mature.

Now, she says she is probably best known for her interest in gore and Creepypasta.


At first, NINJAsk11 spent most of her time in the Skylanders board. She also visited the Role-Play and Forum Games sections. Upon meeting Dark Lord, though, she started spending more time in Stuff and Nonsense.

Currently, she appears in most of the boards; major ones being Forum Games, Role-Play, Stuff and Nonsense and Fanfiction/Fan Art. She has her own art topic in Fan Art.


NINJAsk still has an interest in Skylanders.

She enjoys playing Pokemon, her favorite ones being Water-types such as Piplup and Oshawott.

Also, she likes playing other video game franchises such as Mario and Kirby.

Currently, one of her favorite animes is Inazuma Eleven.