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Join Date September 30th, 2012
Gender Male
Birthday October 24th
Mrmorrises, or Morris, joined Darkspyro on September 30th 2012. Morris remained relatively quiet on the site for most of his time as a Red Sparx. He became a Green sparx in November 2012, and slowly started to become more well known. He is a fan of the Three Stooges and Marx brothers, and many of his avatars are from them. A few people have even asked what they're from, showing that the site isn't too familiar with Morris's tastes.

He competed in Season 2 of Survivor Darkspyro with one of his good friends Slambam104, (who was on the opposite team) where he became friends with Parisruelz12, Rand O M and others, from the experience. He came in 6th place out of 12. Morris later competed in Survivor Darkspyro all stars/ Season 3. There were two teams of 9, (the top 9 from seasons 1 and 2,) he ranked 7th out of 18. He hosted Season 8.

Morris finds Darkspyro to be a great site, and has been staying there for over two years.