MoonHorizons is a regular S&N user who joined sometime in early 2013. In MoonHorizons own words, he found darkspyro while wandering the internet after recently buying the game Skylanders. He lurked the forum for a while and then finally decied to join.  MoonHorizons has stated that his username is based off of the former Disney Epoct attraction "Horizons." He originally was a common poster in the Skylanders board but soon lost his interest in Skylanders due to its repetitivity and moved over to S&N. He is currently semi-popular in the S&N section.  Currently his favorite television is Gravity falls and favorite movie is a tie between the 1954 and 2014 Godzilla movies.

MoonHorizons favorite colors are black white and gray. If given a choice for one favorite animal, he would say "Orca" but he also likes dolphins and chimpazees.