User ID 15498
Join Date November 10th, 2012
Gender Male
Birthday December 29th, 1996

Metallo is a user on DarkSpyro.


Metallo originally joined DarkSpyro on 29/05/2011, under the username "Clark_Kent99". His first account was lost however, as he reportedly had some troubles logging into the forums.

After numerous attempts to restore his account into working condition, he let it be and on 10/11/2012 created a new account, Metallo.

He first joined the site after hearing rumors about a new Spyro game in the making, later on known as Skylanders. Metallo was originally a fan of the classic Spyro games, and ended up being disappointed with Skylanders' concept. He didn't feel like it was a part of the Spyro franchise and quickly labeled the game as "a waste of money". Metallo thinks that DarkSpyro has both pros and cons, and he is liked and disliked by many users. Over time, he has developed a strong fondness for the forums.


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