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It's as simple as creating your own page! You don't need to have your page brimming with content at first, however, make sure that you remember to add your User Infobox.  There are two ways to add an infobox to the page.
You can find the template for the UserInfobox on the visual tab of the editor, just scroll down on the right sidebar to the template section, and make sure you select "UserInfobox" and not just the "Infobox", use the HunterInfobox template for Hunters.  By clicking on a template from the right sidebar, it displays as a little green puzzle-piece, click it and go to "edit" to put in your information, and make sure the puzzle piece is before any text on the page. Remember that images must be uploaded to the wiki in order to display.
You may also copy and paste the following code into the "Source" tab on the editor, but remember that the code/template has to be at the beginning of the page, before any text.

username here
User ID User ID can be found on profile/in address of someone's profile
Join Date Join date can also be found on user profile
Gender put not available if not on user profile etc. (check guestbook announcement as well for someone's gender).
Birthday put not available if not on user profile etc.

Creating PagesEdit

Editing PagesEdit

Using TemplatesEdit


As we at the darkSpyro: Accurate Edition Wikia strive to provide users with accurate information on the forums, its users and so forth, we cannot assure you that everything will always be accurate, and that we cannot be online at all times to be watchful for vandals.
This is where you come in! As wikis are places where presumably anybody can edit, feel free to fix any mistakes you may observe and be aware that what you 'fix' may be 'fixed' as well eventually. If you wish to create joke articles you may create your own wikia.
Note that unless you create a wikia account, your IP address will show with the edits you make. It is recommended that you create an account. If you are seen to vandalize the wikia, you may possibly face the removal of editing abilities.
If with any other concerns or questions regarding the wikia, contact Wild on darkSpyro.