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Join Date 29/08/2013
Gender Male
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MagicFizz is an active user on DarkSpyro- he likes to hang out in the Stuff and Nonsense, Forum Games and Role Play sections. His usual personality can be described as energetic and cheerful: he enjoys meeting new people and making friends. He is currently a Blue Sparx rank.


MagicFizz joined DarkSpyro for Skylanders. As a Red Sparx, he claimed to be extremely obsessed with Skylanders, but his interest died out over time. Upon discovering Stuff and Nonsense, he was glad to know that this was a place he wanted to be. He would always try to fit in.

MagicFizz said that "after a certain incident", he learned how to be compassionate and kinder. He tries to solve things without pain, and has even helped other users out of sticky situations.

He is widely disliked for being homophobic.

Obsessions and HobbiesEdit

MagicFizz has displayed his interest in Paper Mario characters, especially Dimentio.


  • MagicFizz's username is a pun on the Skylander Pop Fizz.