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Join Date 25/04/2012
Gender Female
Birthday December 3rd, 1985

Kurui is a female member of darkSpyro forums. She's self-employed in the creative arts field as a game designer and runs her own indie game development team titled Sumitsuki. Around darkSpyro and most Skylanders series communities, she's well-known for her obsessive love of Glumshanks, and her overly kind and bubbly personality.

On darkSpyro she has gathered a small group of Skylanders fans and is animating a feature-length Skylanders fanmovie. The fanmovie is in the scriptwriting phase in which she is teaming up with member Skyoutube to pen the final screenplay. The current title of the movie is Skylanders: Old & New, and has no projected release date due to it being in early development.

She also runs other numerous creativity threads including a Kaos and Glumshanks music album, Skylanders and Non-Skylanders fanart, and a few contests.

Kurui is in a romantic relationship with fellow darkSpyro member, EMPEROR KAOS, although the relationship seems mostly one-sided. She is blindly loyal to him and calls him Masuta (Japanese soundphrase for 'master'). Despite her fond feelings for him, she also flails after dfectroll (a.k.a. Glumshanks-san) moreso due to her fangirling ways than anything else. EMPEROR KAOS and dfectroll are the only DarkSpyro members that Kurui knows in real life, according to her.

During her stay, Kurui remains mostly non-baised towards any member, but states that she has "a strange obsession" with kappapopm, frequently taking his side over that of Aura24, a member that kappapopm squabbles with. Because of this, Kurui dubs herself a "Kappapet", the title she gives to any person who follows Kappa in the 'war against Aura24."

In her guestbook, Kurui lists her closest DarkSpyro friends as EMPEROR KAOS, dfectroll, DarkCynder10, kappapopm, WUMBOSIMPSON, OldClassicGamer, ZapNorris, and Nibelilt.