User ID 6106
Join Date November 22nd, 2010
Gender Female
Birthday October 30th, 1997

Kitty first came across darkSpyro accidentally while trying to look up some cheats for Spyro: Year of the Dragon. After taking a look at the forum she decided to create an account for herself.

For months after her account's activation she mostly lurked on the forums, becoming an active user only after information about Skylanders was leaked in February. She blames this on her shy nature.

Like most people, she was intrigued and interested in the arguments people were having over the new game, and slowly started posting more regularily.

Later on Kitty introduced herself to Stuff and Nonsense and Forum Games boards, where she first started posting in game topics like "Get That Page/Top". Something sparked her into joining in on the craziness of the Off-Topic boards and, as a result, she started posting like crazy.

Kitty remembers finding users like black dragon and Blackholes_Wolf to be funny early on, and for a while she developed the habit of provoking other users for her own amusement. Nowadays she regrets some of the things she did, stating that she "may have been too harsh" on some points of her activity.

Kitty was the one to first post a topic about the animation film "Bebe's Kids" and in doing so, sparked the infamous drama with Greenlantern(TheAceOfBreath). The joking went on for countless topics afterwards.

Currently she finds herself not as active on darkSpyro as she used to be. While she does still post, she doesn't do so as often, and by her own words her posts aren't "as interesting" as they used to be. In case she ever finds more drama building up on the site, Kitty states that she’ll most likely be staying behind the scenes.

Kitty finds the community of darkSpyro being something out of the ordinary. She shares the firm belief that the forum is special, stating that it has to be so seeing how she has "Staid on here as long as she has". By her own words Kitty usually cannot stay active on a single forum for longer than a couple of months.

Her avatar is Little John from Robin Hood.