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Birthday March 22nd, 1997

Best known for being a massive fan of the almighty Bowser. Kardonis also wanders the SnN, video gaming, and forum games boards. 

Resurrecting Non-Spyro.Edit

As of now, Kardonis' main goal on DS is to bring the non-spyro subforum back to life. Since he posted his Bowser fan-fic and got almost no response for a couple months, he has done as much as he can to bring it back, hoping that others will use it as well. 

So far it has gotten a little better, with a few people frequenting the place, and some others posted once in a while. 

Survivor AppearancesEdit

Guest appearing in season six as an antagonist sparked kardonis' interest in the game. Making it to night seven in season seven, and won season 8.

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