Ice Dragoness
User ID 4173
Join Date September 12th, 2009
Gender Female
Birthday January 5th, 1997

Ice Dragoness first came across darkSpyro when she was searching the internet for anything Spyro-related, she later joined because of love for the frachise. She used obsess over Spyro and wanted to find people to talk to about him with. She stalked the forum for a couple of months, and finally created her own account in 2009. 

DarkSpyro was the first internet site Ice Dragoness had ever joined, and for that fact she was rather inexperienced with posting at first. Her spelling and grammar in the early days of her activity serve as proof of this. As she grew more mature, her spelling and grammar improved also, and she started to post less than she used to. Still, whenever she posted she was taken down by others. Ice Dragoness was originally planning on leaving the forum, but the banning of a certain user who had been rude to her changed her mind.

Afterwards she went on numerous topic spamming sprees as a joke, the most notable one being with the topics related to My Little Pony. Many users askede her to stop, but she was too busy amusing herself to take heed on their pleas. By her own words, most of the users who found her annoying back then have now left the site. Ice Dragoness believes that the few active users that are present on darkSpyro these days aren't bothered by her, as she finds herself to be more mature than she was before. She is under the firm belief that she is a respected user on darkSpyro.

Ice Dragoness thinks that had she not joined DarkSpyro, her life would be much different.