Hunter 4eva
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Hunter 4eva is a user that made their appearance in the roleplaying section of darkSpyro forums. She enjoys roleplaying and she has made many friends in the roleplay section. It would seem that her favorite character from the Spyro series is Hunter. 

Hunter 4eva typically has a positive attitude toward people and the forums in general. She gets emotional sometimes and she makes topics about quite a few things, such as her sisters whom she finds annoying at times, and other interests of hers. She has a good reputation around the forum, although she is not extremely well known around it either. Her favorite Spyro game is Spyro: A Hero's Tale (Editor could be mistaken). She is also a fan of numerous other gaming franchises such as The Legend of Zelda and Portal.

She metaphorically considers Spyro-Gamer to be her sister, based on their friendship values.