User ID 16075
Join Date December 5th, 2012
Gender Male
Birthday N/A

Hardcoreignitor is a user on the darkspyro forums. Though he is nice and calm, he can show signs of immature hyperactive behavior. He is Canadian. His notable hyperactive belief is his fan Pokemon, Cupcakemon, whom he thinks is a real Pokemon when in reality is just a regular cupcake.

He was suspended after excessively trolling a user named Aura24 when a topic about his possible prediction on Cupcakemon with the official Pokemon Slurpuff was created by somePerson. Within the topic, Hardcoreignitor wasted no time in bragging and berating Aura rudely about his claim being "right", not caring about how rude he sounded.


Has a soft spot for Chicken Mcnuggets

Is a hardcore Canadian Nationalist

Hates anime and My Little Pony a lot.

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