The dirtSpyro Forums Wiki was one of the three most famous wikis (including this one and the also defunct wiki). It was originally called Darkspyro Forums wiki, but later renamed dirtSpyro, with many page titles renamed reflect the dirt theme. In 2013, it was shut down by Wikia due to inactivity.

Creation Edit

One day in 2011, the wiki was rediscovered by a couple of users. By the end of the day, the wiki was completely vandalized -- like graffti on an abandoned buliding. The .net Wiki admin, Gondana, made a sudden return, deleted all the vandalization and banned the vandals from editing the wiki for a year.

One vandal, displeased with the removal of their edits, decided to create a new wiki to archive the articles and edits made on the .net Wiki. They later promoted fellow vandal Carmelita Fox to an admin position, where she later would take the most control of their new wiki.

Purpose Edit

The dirtSpyro wiki was intended to be satirical. Users would make articles -- making fun of people they disliked, friends, and themselves; pretty much barring any real or useful information about said users. Some people felt that the wiki went too far with it's humor. "Niceness" was against the rules when writing an article.

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