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Join Date March 8th, 2010
Gender Female
Birthday January 7th

Before she joined darkSpyro, DarkCynder10 was obsessed with Spyro and needed a good place to talk about the subject. She first came across the forum when she clicked on an image on Google and it brought her to darkSpyro. Later on she decided to create her own account.

She started off as a young, bubbly kid who was quite sensitive and sometimes "immature". She quickly responded in a childish matter when trolls would target her. She believes she was known for her obsession over Shadow the Hedgehog, which she no longer possesses. Her behavior has changed drastically, making her a much more mature user than she was before.

DarkCynder10 finds darkSpyro to be a pretty nice site with fun, quirky people and a good place for some laughs. She believes that every day the users seem to have a bit less common sense. She personally thinks that darkSpyro had gone a little downhill since Skylanders came out.