CommanderGame is an active user on darkSpyro. He is Ignitor101's second account, which joined on April 28th 2012. He recently became a Yellow Sparx.

Rsz sonic avatar by flyhorn-d5hogr4

Did I mention I love SANIC?


CommanderGame first joined darkSpyro because of his newly found hobby, Skylanders. Since then, he has stopped visiting that section of the forums, and is now mostly active on the Off-Topic section of the forum. He has been in Survivor: Dark Spyro Season 1, and will be returning for Season 3, in team Legendary Spyro's. Likes Sonic more than anything.


Always happy, joyful, and likes to spread da luv. Tries his best to be friendly and avoid being mad, because being mad then makes him usually sad.


*Has 607 Gems.                                                                                                                                            *Is Peruvian, lives in Canada, yet lives in a French part of Canada, speaks 3 Languages.                                   *Loves anything DC Comics related, mostly Batman and the Teen Titans.