"Dark Spyro Chatzy" was created by user prextail202 on December 25, 2013. The chat site quickly gained interest among users like Sky Airglow, Troll Slug, I-Brawler and ShadowMewX, among others. It allowed users to talk and get to know each other nearly instantly. The ability to choose and change your name caused many users to join and troll the site occasionally. Sometimes, the users played games such as "Truth or Dare" or even Role-Played. Chatzy remained active and popular for many months, but in a sudden burst of trolling around February 2014, many of the frequent visitors disappeared. It's rumored that another Chatzy was made.

Link to the Original Dark Spyro ChatzyEdit

Common VisitorsEdit

Chatzy name - DarkSpyro name

Sky/Nightglow - Sky Airglow

I-Brawler/XJ-9/GLaDOS - I-Brawler

Bash28 - Bash28

Shadmé - ShadowMewX

I/Me - weebbby

Seiki - Seiki

GhostFire - DragonCamo

SB 104 - slambam104

Ash - Ash Starkindle

FelicityTheMage/Various video game characters - prextail202

King Bowser - Kardonis

darkwolf - darkwolf

SlamJamPeanutButter - Lunarz

Inside JokesEdit

In this time, users such as Sky Airglow, ShadowMewX and Bash28 had coined many inside jokes often due to misspellings.

  • Figlett- A famous one is "Figlett". ShadowMewX used the ":0" face as a sign of surprise, and after Sky Airglow picked it up, ShadowMewX claimed it looked like a Diglett from Pokemon. Then Bash28 started using it as well, and after an accidental misspelling from him it became "Figlett".
  • Tenmilliongirfues or #Tenmilliongirfues- When Sky Airglow became obsessed with the song "Fireflies", ShadowMewX decided to play a game with her that involved typing the song lyrics, one line at a time, with their eyes shut. Both being on mobile devices, the words became garbled and nearly unrecognizable as song lyrics. Sky Airglow attempted to type "ten million fireflies" but she instead typed it as "ten million girfues". It became the most popular song lyric misspelling from Fireflies, behind others such as "fries as bugs", "teardrops evrhrt" and "Please take me away dim beds".
  • Hashtags- For a joke, Sky Airglow put some words behind hashtags. Eventually, it became a trend to put words, often misspellings, behind hashtags. Some examples are "#figlett, #tenmilliongirfues, #verythug (a song lyric from Fireflies) and "IDONTEVE", among others.
  • rolls under coffee table*- Bash28 started using this action at random times in conversation, generating laughs from the others. As a result, coffee tables as well as rolling under them became associated with him. Others have created versions of it such as Sky Airglow hiding behind a pillow or ShadowMewX hiding in the corner.
  • ib or Ib- Users usually like to give each other's nicknames or shortened versions of their names when speaking; Sky Airglow became Sky, ShadowMewX became SMX, etc. However, when Sky Airglow tried to give I-Brawler his (Ib), I-Brawler expressed annoyance at the name, as he would rather be called I-Brawler or I-B, with the hyphen as well as capitalization. As a joke, Sky Airglow continued to call him Ib, which stuck.