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Names to describe certain types of usersEdit


Basic meaning: A user who is a fan of Skylanders.


This word originates from merging "Skylanders" and "Spyro,". As the definition makes sense, in 2011 when people reacted to yet another regeneration of Spyro the dragon, the name was basically to refer to the Spyro in the Skylanders franchise. Now in this day, the term had evolved to refer to individuals on Darkspyro who were fans of Skylanders. It is often used as a moniker for the much younger users who post oftentimes in the Skylanders section. Some regulars in the Skylanders section take offence to the term.


Basic meaning: A user who frequents in the Stuff and Nonsense, usually more than in any other section.


In the Stuff and Nonsense board, it is close knit community. It has been said the board could possibly be it's own spin-off Forum in the future.


Basic meaning: Like S&Ners, but instead these frequent Role Playing board.


The Roleplaying board is not a direct segment of the Stuff and Nonsense board, despite it being a sub-forum. It was created by Dark52 as the Stuff and Nonsense which was originally the Spam Central was often crowded with many role playing threads. Each new topic in this section involves the creator of the role play to create a setting/description of the environment all the role playing will be withheld in. The description of the role play can touch on rules too, e.g. ones that need to be clarified for their specific role play or more typical/even unneeded reminders of classic rules such as "No bunnying," or "No godmodding," or "No Mary Sues,", but then the admin stickied Pixilism's role play guide and this trend died. When things are out of character, the abbreviation OOC is used. Sometimes descriptions of characters are requested. Pictures (called references) can be used. The dragon generator on Darkspyro was once popular to make references. Role plays that are private are ones which you have to be accepted/invited to join.


Sockpuppet Account/Alternative

It is against the rules of DS to have more than one account. In spite of this, there has been cases where there were no punishments from the admin over some alternative accounts. Second accounts are accepted when one user is seeking a new username, or a user had have logging in issues with their old accounts and what not. Some joke accounts have also been accepted, such as Quagmire and some accounts by Jaggedstar. Some who are blatant returned banned users have been permitted to continue on a new account. These terms are additionally highly similar to a more specific term "Returning Ripto". Alternative accounts are quintessentially people who have made a secondary account owing to a permanent ban. Some who come back often are IP banned. An account with a hidden identity, quintessentially ripto'd users who are breaking the rules by making a new account and accessing the site when their previous behavior denied them trust. Since claiming their former identity will get them barred once more, they will be sneaky but their main importance will be to follow the rules so they don't get permanently banned like before. To a lesser extent, Gnorc'd users may try and return this way. This is probably more commonly in those with longer temporary bans. Non-banned users may also come back.




Classic Fan
A user who prefers the Original Spyro games, the games before Skylanders. Most Classic Fans today are still loyal to the saga and/or still play the games. Most of these users are either neutral to or hate Skylanders. Not many of the new users are Classic Fans, most of them are Skyros, because of this, most of the "Classic Sections" remain deserted and rarely get any posts.

TLOS FanEdit

A term withn ot much meaning other than being a fan of the Legend of Spyro series.

These users look in favor of the first reboot of Spyro the dragon - an alteration with a genesis in 2006 with later two more installments. Skylanders was the succeeding reboot in 2011. Prior to this, comparable to the debates that often occur between 'Skyros' and 'Classic fans', our forum was plenteous with "Who's better Old Spyro or New Spyro?" and "I want the Old Spyro back! Ruddy Activision!" esque topics and posts. Several 'Classic fans' would often remark angrily at the change. In fact, numerous polls pentiton and anti-TLOS Websites were set up. Further emulating Skyros, TLOS fans were on average younger than the 'Classic fans'. Not that there's anything wrong with that. The well-adapted storyline to The Legend of Spyro was capturing many users' imaginations. The fan fiction, fan art and role-playing sections were much abundant with TLOS related content. The Dragon Generator (invented by Dark52) was a well-liked feature of the site; many times involved in peoples creations on the site - e.g. visual representations of characters in role plays or stories. It was basically simple dragon dress up game - dressing up a TLOS universe-style dragon. Some used it for non-TLOS content. Due to Skylanders, TLOS fan may overlap with 'Classic fan' or 'Old Spyro fan'. TLOS fan may refer to someone who prefers the TLOS Spyro to the first Spyro and Skylanders or enjoys it a lot alongside one or either of the Spyros.
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