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Also known as a mod or a moderator. Hunters aid Dark52's administration of the Forum. They are trusted users. These can edit and delete other people's posts. They can also suspend people. Currently the only other Hunter is Dark52's back up account Alex, as Dark has not felt the need for mods until now. Very soon an appilication form for mods is soon going to be set up. Dark's description of this rank: "A general moderator of the forum, has powers to edit and delete other people's topics and posts,". It once said in the Help Files description to "stop asking to be a mod,". Before the contestant about mods was about Dark needing them, users used to request to be a moderator alot. He even said as a joke "Anyone next to ask about being a mod will be banned,"

The description on the Help Files in 2007 stated that Dark felt that the site was too unpopular to give the few users they had special powers as he thought the small activity was easy enough for himself to handle. When around 2008, the Website's popularity shot up, making the Website hold a greater amount of people and thus making it harder to control.

For whatever reason Dark altered the Professor rank to be now called the Hunter rank, in 2008. The Hunter rank icon is the same as the smiley version, so perhaps it can be assumed the icon for Professor was the smiley.

Dark's back-up account Alex was once the only Hunter/moderator on the site.

Formerly, there was great contestant in the matter of moderators. This was since Dark alone who was moderating the forum was thought to be incompetent as he was unable to monitor the Website outside his time zone. Porn spammers were fit to have their messages remain until Dark logged in. Even if he did, many messages that pointed to troubles - were ignored. The controversy was at it's utmost in 2012/11, with users such as CAV infamously perpetuating debates with other users and Dark himself, a full-fledged argument.

(Picture will be added soon)

On the 20th of November 2012, Aura24 posted a topic into Site Help & Suggestions complaining about the excessive trolling that has been directed at her. Several other users also started to state that they were unhappy with the quality of moderation on the forums and felt that Dark needed to hire others users to help him.

This wasn't a new thing. Numerous people have complained before about the lack of mods, and Dark normally ignored it. There was a big outbreak of such complaints sometime in 2011, in which a popular and famous user CAV was centrally involved in. At the time the user was well known for complaining to Dark about mods. CAV and other users would rant on the admin's Guestbook in paragraphs, but Dark was stubborn and typically ignored the messages. Several topics were also made in the Help & Suggestions section and it was commonly discussed in the relevant. Dark made the occasional remark and he would close topics in the Site Help & Suggestions. Dark felt that he could handle the site on his own fine, as he mentioned in the Help Files:

It seems that it has been in the Help Files since the beginning, before Hunters even existed and were instead replaced by the now dead Professor rank.

However, this time it was different, and Dark didn't ignore or close the topic. To everyone's desire, Dark said we were going to have mods! He posted on Aura's topic:

(Picture will be added soon)

Aura24 is a friend of Dark52 and has often been credited for information about Spyro posted on the Darkspyro blog.

This lead to a huge amount of exictment and speculation. Several topics were created, including "Who do you think would be a good Hunter?" and "What do you believe makes a good moderator?". Some users even felt this was too good to be true.

It wasn't until mid December that Dark mentioned about mods again. It was revealed to users that Dark would open up mod applications on the 21st in response to user henryszuch.

People were still unsure, but Dark stayed true to his words and on the 21st of December he posted a topic with information about the mod applications and a link to the form. When a user logged in, a yellow popup would appear: The popup would not appear to the user again once they clicked the link to the topic which it lead to. The application form involved many questions. One was about time zones, one a

Dark opens up a new moderator application. The first was in December 2012, the second was in *insert date here*

- Some moderators have resigned

Moderator abilities

Moderators have the ability to 'merge' posts

They can Gnorc but not suspend

Delete topics

They can move topics

The hunters and their job (proto title)

Hunters are often mature.

Wild is an incredibly old user.

CAV is known for his moral dignity on the Website


One April Fools day, everyone was turned into a 'Hunter'.

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