"I enjoy 3D Platformers, and Spyro is one of them!" - Bryman04


Bryman04 first discovered darkSpyro interested in a remake of Spyro 4. Wanting to share his thoughts he created his first and only account- Bryman04. He believes that the website recommended the "04" digit for a perplexing reason.

He enjoys animation of the traditional free-handed style, and is currently creating a video game based on those principles. The video game, dubbed Token and the Power Crystals is a 3D Platformer spiritual successor to classic Playstation platformers, with a modern twist. He has not shown much of it outside of Concept Art, so the development of it is suspicious and doubtful.

Personality & Interests Edit

Bry-Bry has a very optimistic and enjoyable attitude. He enjoys conversation with many members of the darkspyro community and appreciates the open mindedness of its users.

Bryman has an interest in animation, game development, video games, and classical/video game music. He particularly likes traditionally animated cartoons, like that of Ren & Stimpy or Don Bluth, for example. His interest in music helps him to draw, as such he enjoys listening to Ren & Stimpy Production Music and Video Game Soundtracks. This interest in animation and video gaming has prompted his interest in developing video games.

In his free time he likes the silliness of Vinesauce, SIlvagunner and JonTron.

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