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Bravo101 first joined when his sister StarNinjini told him about the site. He was originally under the username, ArkeyanForce, who had a noticeable rivalry with a user named Aura24. Bravo claims be a moderator over on the forum.

Bravo101 is also the founder of the official darkSpyro Pokemon league. He was in the Skype group for a period of time but left due to feeling offended. He has been gnorced twice for trolling, but he is currently back on the forums.

He became one of the most hated users on the site due to his harassment of Aura24 and others. Many users still remember him in a very negative way, even though he is becoming less and less active on the site.

Trivia Edit

  • Bravo has been able to attend three of the current darkSpyro's Survivor seasons.
  • Bravo is his last name.