The user, bash fan first came across darkSpyro sometime during 2012 when he was searching information on Skylanders Spyro's Adventure. He was very questioning at the beginning on how to change his Avatar, which then later he received help from the user: Mr-McChicken22. He was very thankful after that and his first avatar was a Bash from the darkSpyro Gallery, Later bash fan started editing his guestbook when he got the hang of the website, he then stated his "Likes" and "Dislikes". Sometime in 2012 He started creating avatars of cows from the game Minecraft. He's first Minecraft cow avi had a cows face, then later in December he changed it and added a Santa hat to the cow for Christmas. After him changing the avatar many times, he stopped coming to darkSpyro for a while in 2013, then making a comeback in late 2013 creating a new account known as "Bash Master" and about one week after he stopped using it, due to the fact he had not as much gems as his original account and then switched back to "bash fan". He later created a new avatar with a Minecraft cow standing with a new feature that he added on his avatars, where his username: bash fan is written under.

Sometime in 2012-2013 bash fan and Kirby_rules were known for fighting a lot on the SSA Page. Also at the time, bash fan was also known for creating a number of fake accounts, including: Ineptune, being his first, Flynn, Persephone, kirby_sucks, Sensei and many more.

His first fake account Ineptune, was known for misspelling words and having a few fights with his actual account, "bash fan" about how she hates Bash and has a love for the mermaid villain, Ineptune.

Another one of his accounts, Persephone was created for the fact that he could create a darkSpyro pretend shop topic. Where users vote out of one of the three pics on which they would buy if they were a Skylander, the topic was quite successful.

The account kirby_sucks was specifically made for the purpose of causing fights with Kirby_rules.


bash fan had posted a lot of the time in the Skylanders Spyro's Adventure section when he first created an account on the website. He then found out about the "Forums" a little while after and started posting in numerous sections. He later started learning how to create avatars when his friend Blazier told him how in a PM Message, He created a topic with Skylanders Avatars that he created with Blazier also creating a topic at the time.

In 2014 He has currently enjoyed reading the darkSpyro Survivor topic and has plans for joining in Season 9.

He is currently enjoying posting a lot in the Stuff and Nonsense, Forum Games Section.


  • He currently has two Spyro video games, Spyro Shadow Legacy and Skylanders Spyro's Adventure
  • He username was originally supposed to be "Bambazooka" but being his first forum he didn't understand how to activate it, then after created "bash fan"


bash fan