azz01 is an active user on DarkSpyro.


azz01 joined on February 3rd, 2012. He originally joined DarkSpyro for Skylanders, but after a while drifted away into the Stuff and Nonsense and Video Games sections. He is currently involved in DarkSpyro Survivor: Season 8. 


azz01 describes himself as being quiet. He is generally a kind user, and he considers his friends to be people he's extremely close to. He does have his breaking point and will burst out in rage, but truly has not shown this side of himself. Therefore, he has not recieved a Gnorc'd status or even a Moderated Message.

Obsessions and HobbiesEdit

He adores penguins, and even uses an avatar of a penguin. This is shown even with his Pokemon obsession. Pokemon is azz01's favorite game series, his favorite Pokemon being Absol and Piplup.

Some of his other hobbies include doodling and art.


azz01 lives in Ireland, and was born on January 5th, 2001.

He claims he is technically a publisher.The book he published was Frogs of a Diffrent Nature.He published it along with his sister.

He has been harassed with his own name due to the similarities to a certain swear word. The first user to start this was Kappapopm.

His favorite era in time is the Medieval era.dal